About Us

Company Overview

Expicell was founded in 2017 in Southern California. Expicell aims to provide value in the constantly growing E-commerce industry by providing services for entrepreneurs to help them achieve a hands free business, an American dream that everyone is struggling to achieve, and to provide customers an excellent shopping experience.


What We Do

We are online marketplace and platform that facilitates the sale of products to retail customers. Our product lineup is currently focused on electronics and hobby products.

Who We Are

Expicell is an online marketplace that is looking to become the number 1 online retail platform for both entreprenuers and customers alike. We aim to acheive that by expanding our services that will delight both sellers and customers.

Some of these services that we are looking to provide as we grow and expand are the following:

  • Provide entreprenuers a hands and headache free fulfillment service for their products
  • Provide entreprenuers an extremely cost effective fulfillment solution no matter where they sell be it there online store, or other platforms.
  • Aim to provide all customers FREE next day delivery no matter their order size
  • Provide an excellent and hassle free shopping experience for customers
  • Provide customers traditional hassle free in person shopping