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Expicell online marketplace makes it easy to sell your products online

  •  Money Back Guarantee on all Purchases
  • All Payments processed securely with Stripe.

Currently Expicell online marketplace is in BETA mode, this means that users may run into bugs or problems while selling or buying. If you have experience any problems please send an email to our support team at SUPPORT@EXPICELL.COM

Expicell takes a 5% commission fee from each sale, regardless of the category of the product.

Stripe fee is 2.9% + $0.30

We do not charge any listing fees, or any hidden fees. Only commission is taken on each sale, and all payments are split with Stripe between the seller and Expicell

Shop securely and with a peace of mind! Customer focus is key here at Expicell

  • Receive the item as described or get your money back. Expicell guarantees 100% satisfaction on every sale, we are committed to customer satisfaction

  • All payments are securely processed through Stripe. Stripe is one of the safest and secure ways to process online payments.

  • Find a variety of products at competitive prices. We have a selection ranging from electronics, hobby products, toys, accessories and other items. We plan to expand to cover everything as we grow.

  • We strive and promise to satisfy each customer to the best we can. Our motto is to provide an excellent experience all in one place..

  • Expicell or its sellers do not have access or store credit card information of any customer. All credit card information is processed separately through Stripe. Your privacy and security of information is safe at all times.

  • In order to be covered by the Expicell ALL IN ONE Guarantee, all transactions must take place on, any transactions taking place outside of will not be covered or protected under the Expicell ALL IN ONE Guarantee.

Currently in BETA mode

Founded in 2017, Expicell is new to the E commerce industry and we are constantly testing out new features that are being added to on a monthly basis. Any problems encountered please send an email to SUPPORT@EXPICELL.COM detailing the problem or concern.

  • At Expicell, we strive to make online shopping easy and transparent. Our policy is that we offer a 30 day return policy on all items. Any item received is not as described within the product listing, we will pay for the return shipping or require the seller to pay for the return shipping.

  • We strive to make sure all our sellers are shipping from within the USA. We do not want our buyers to have a bad experience with buying from international sellers where the shipping time takes 3 to 4 weeks for the item to arrive. Expicell will strive to make sure each seller on this marketplace is based within in the USA.

  • We are always seeking and listening to feedback from both our customers and sellers. Feedback is important as it helps us to make all aspects of online shopping and selling becomes easy and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to create a shop?

You need to sign up as a seller and fill out all the information on the form provided. You also need to have a Stripe account and connect that stripe account to Expicell, you will find the option to connect your Stripe account in the "SHOP" area of your seller account.

Are there any Selling fees or other fees besides the commission fee?

There are no other fees such as listing fees, or any other hidden fees. Expicell takes a 5% commission on every sale, the commission is split from the sale price the moment a sale is made. Stripe also takes a 2.9% + $0.30 on each sale. Please make sure to account both the Expicell commission fee and Stripe Fee when pricing your product.

Does Expicell take a commission on the sale price plus the price of shipping?

Expicell only takes a commission on the Price of your product, not on the fee for shipping which you charge the buyer.

How do i charge sales tax and keep account of sales tax?

It is very important to keep track of your sales tax and make sure to collect sales tax where applicable. Expicell is not the merchant of record on the products sold by 3rd party sellers, thus we are not responsible for collecting sales tax for products sold by 3rd party sellers. We have integrated Taxjar to make sure you collect the correct sales tax, please sign up for a Taxjar account to charge sales tax to the buyer where it is appropriate. Visit for more details on how to get the API key for your seller account.

What features and areas are you looking to add to make sure becomes a first choice for shoppers and sellers?

As the E-commerce industry develops, it is highly apparent that faster shipping and convenience is the key factor in achieving customer satisfaction. Based on this statement, we have plans to implement same day or next day shipping for customers regardless of the order size. We plan to make a fulfillment system that is extremely cost efficient for sellers to use our system in order to save them the cost and time of fulfilling their orders. Those are just some of the plans we have to make Expicell standout from other platforms

Can i use any other payment processor besides Stripe?

At this time, Stripe is the only option to accept payments. In the near future this may change as we continue to collect feedback from the community.

Have a question that is not mentioned above? Please send us an email with your concerns.

For any questions, feedback, or any other concern, Please click the link below for further contact information.

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